created by@Spontaneousmovement 2020 and The Telepathic Writing Salon*



Why? The future of communication is telepathy.

When you understand how telepathic we actually are and how to use it, the world and life make much more sense. Understanding the many wavelengths there are, how to open your senses, and choosing to go out of your own way is the key to experiencing freedom.


What are you broadcasting, what are you receiving and how does that shape your life?


Who is this for? Grounded curious open-minded people ready to explore new  thinking and creative potential. Newbies and seasoned telepaths welcome! No writing experience necessary. English and Dutch.

Upcoming Events
8 Week Telepathic Writing Salon English start April 15
Apr 01, 8:30 PM – May 20, 10:15 PM
Location on Zoom
Go beyond time and space, and experience a deep intimacy with yourself. EXPERIENCE yourself outside linear time, and write from unexpected but very REAL parts of you WRITE from beyond space and time, cry, laugh, and feel uplifted from the truth of it. DEVELOP YOUR SENSES in a whole new way
Daily Telepathic Writing Retreat April 6- April 10
Daily 7 Dutch. English 7.30 am and pm HST
location on Zoom
On Zoom with Christel Janssen. Write twice a day, just for an hour a day (2x 30 mins) on Zoom At 7 in the morning and 7 at night in Dutch and 7.30-in the morning and 7.30 at night in English. Hawaii time and European time.
Telepathic Writing Retreat South Africa,
time is TBD
Amani House, 14 Martingale Ave, Hout Bay Harbour, Hout bay, 7872, South Africa
7 Days of Jumping into Messiness, Beauty, Revealing, new Potentials, unspoken parts of You and a deep opening of your senses. Writing beyond Time and Space. 4-hour sessions each day.



PODCAST- LAUNCH March 30 2020.


I am a Telepath, Poet and Author. I have been teaching clairvoyance and intuition for over 15 years and now I offer my experience in the Telepathic Writing Salon, the Energy Maturity Cleanse and Telepathic Writing Retreats in Hawaii.  I am the founder of Spontaneous Movement. A place to allow a much bigger reality to speak through you. 


*Spontaneous Movements are spontaneous releases in the body as a result of an active DanTian. See: the DanTian Difference.

Christel Janssen