Christel Janssen

I am a Telepath, Poet, Writer, and Podcaster. I love the process of Telepathic Writing: to create brilliance out of nothing, to be truly original, and experiment with Energy. I am the founder of Spontaneous Movement and The Telepathic Writing Salon: A place to allow a much bigger reality to speak. I am host of the Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast and the author of Forty-Nine Days, a Sensuous Journey in the modern Afterlife. 



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#013 Christel speaks about the state of in-between, and how fluid time is. As a young child, Christel would visit Italy each summer and spend four weeks camping on the sea. 
And each year, the moment they entered Italie, she would get sick, really sick. Each vacation she would spend in bed. Delirious, and hallucinating.

Now Christel looks back and writes from this state of in-between and realizes how wonderful those times were, that being sick and delirious brought her in these other states that gave her access to whole other parts of her life. She discovered she was able to move forward in time and already experience older parts of herself.






Forty-Nine Days 

a Sensuous Journey in the Modern Afterlife 

by Christel Janssen

"A captivating life-and-death account… 
well written, ...engrossing and unforgettable”  - Kirkus Review


"Christel Janssen is a new force in the literary world with this extraordinary story that challenges everything we thought we knew about

life and death. This is not a book to read once, but something to read over and over and study for the prose style of writing that brings every scene to us as if we are in the room. Only great writers can make a story feel as if it belongs to every reader. Dive into Christel's book and you will forever be opened to a brand new way of looking at the world! I can't wait to see this book turned into a movie, and for every other book that is going to come from this talented writer." Laura Lentz


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