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The Telepathic Writing Salon is a gathering of Creatives, it is a Safe Space and Platform to Master Real-Life Experiences through Writing. We allow ourselves to write from beyond our current timelines to invite a larger reality to speak



I am a Telepath, Poet, Writer, and Podcaster. I love the process of Telepathic Writing: to create brilliance out of nothing, to be truly original, and experiment with Energy. I am the founder of Spontaneous Movement and The Telepathic Writing Salon: A place to allow a much bigger reality to speak. I am host of the Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast and the author of Forty-Nine Days, a Sensuous Journey in the modern Afterlife. 


the Courses

Courses on Zoom in English or Dutch


The Energy Maturity Experience
6 week sessions, in English and Dutch. These sessions are all about Energy Maturity, allowing energy to serve you, and completely transcend energy abuse. You develop tools to navigate life through writing.
Next 6 sessions: April 19, 2021


Thursday and Sunday Salon Bigger Body of Work 
A gathering of Creatives to write on your book, or other bigger body of work.We focus on the unique story that wants to be told through you. CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN DUTCH. 


The most powerful thing about writing from this vulnerable place is that you will be able to share it. Once you've written it, we speak it aloud in the safe space to make your words come alive and deeper layers of meaning will reveal itself. The always-supporting feedback of the others is incredibly valuable. Especially in these times of uncertainty, telepathic writing is a great way to make sense of the current events and open up to new potentials. Sometimes It is like you receive messages from your future self. Sometimes, you get bursts of insight and inspiration. But most of all, your intuition will speak to you more and you will have new tools to navigate life. 




The Salons

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