Telepathic Writing for Your Bigger Body of Work

Capture your ideas through focused stream-of-consciousness writing. A proven system to turn your inspiration into a novel, memoir, collection of poems, screenplay, or content creation. From initial idea to finished form.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

The Telepathic Writing Experience 

Telepathic Writing is for you if you feel you have a story inside of you and are ready to develop an intimate relationship with it and give it the time and space it deserves. In Telepathic Writing we see the story as an intelligent entity, and by deeply connecting to it, it will tell you how it wants to be told, written and lived.

 Breathe: Jump into 'the Zone'

To write is to understand energy. Energy is neutral but it responds to your breath. Using your breath while writing can bring

tremendous changes in the direction of your writing. With the breath you make your words alive.

Write in short Spurts

We write together in short spurts. And from one thing comes another, you dive deeper and deeper into it. One word at

the time, one sentence at the

time. So often there is a certain

speed to the writing, a

certain urgency, or intensity.


Read out loud, and feel your story come alive

Each Salon is an invitation to open yourself to 'your bigger body of work'. It is an intimate relationship with the story that wants to be lived and told through you. By speaking it out loud, it becomes an energetic experience. 

Write Together Online

"Hello. My name is Christel Janssen

I have been hosting Telepathic Writing Salons for over 8 years,  and there is nothing I rather do than diving together with a group beyond time and space and come back with renewed insights, delightful inspiration, liberating stories, and deeply touching truths, in the form of stories, poems, or energetic transmissions. I am the author of Forty-Nine Days and the zoom host of the weekly Kauai Writers Conference. Listen to my Telepathic Writing Salon podcast here."

Current Salons
with Christel

English and Dutch

Our Approach

Do not try to measure Telepathic
Writing by the old way of
perceiving. You will notice that it is
like learning a whole new language.
Let it take you beyond and go IN it.
Describe whatever you experience!
Whatever it is, when you experience
black, describe the black when you
see mist, describe the mist. When
you see empty describe empty like
an empty canvas and then allow
yourself to go in it.

The Telepathic Writing Salon


It is amazing, but I think all my relationships have deepened and become more inspiring, more valuable, juicy, and have more humor. All because the relationship with myself has expanded in so many ways in the Energy Maturity writing sessions.


Telepathic writing gave me a deep insight in what my body really is communicating. To access this level of perception can make it a two way communication and make if for example much easier for my body to heal from my injury.


If there is one thing that I feel telepathic writing gives me it is the ability to go beyond my limitations, what where I always felt in a pattern or limited I now experience I am my unlimited edition.