009 There is so much controversy around the death of George Floyd. It has created so much polarization and violence. Instead of doing a telepathic write about the situation, Adi Kanda realized that George wants to speak for himself. So she received a deeply moving transmission directly from his being, about the point he is trying to make, the why of his death, and the passion he is trying to convey on how he wants to be remembered. 

As an introduction,  Adikanda shares how the transmission surprised her, (even though she has done thousands of other transmissions from the deceased), in terms of Georges relationship to the divine, or God. She shares how it humbled her, also as writing this as a white woman giving voice to an African American man.  And she shares when she reads it out loud, how it feels like a real embodiment of George how it changes her voice and the way she speaks.

The piece is called: 'Ordinary man, a letter from George'. 
"I was a man of God, please don't assume you know what this meant to me, I don't want any mistake, any more misunderstanding than what already lives in my name. I was a man of God in so many ways. And if you want to understand me, you have to begin here, you have to know me through this way of saying my name. 
To me, God wasn't some faraway face, he was as real to me as the brother living next door. In fact, he was the man next door, the ordinary man, just like me. And by ordinary I don't mean boring, I don't mean plain, I mean a man who lived, who suffered who knew the taste of pain. This was my God, ..."

The piece is very personal and very moving and there is an invitation to understand that there is a meaning in this experience. Despite all the suffering. It is such a moving piece because when it is read out loud we can feel the George in ourselves. Or like George says: "...and you know, when you looked at me, at my helplessness, you saw yourself laying there you saw every cruel eye that ever brought you to the ground." 

George ends with:
"... , he was an ordinary man, they say, but just look at the life his death began. I wouldn't have it any other way." 

AdiKanda is a Toronto based intuitive and A published novelist, poet, playwright, songwriter. Her spontaneous writings come from an Alpha sleep state in the forms of poetry, spoken readings, meditations and song, numbering in the thousands for clients worldwide. Many describe her work as life changing and liberating beyond any modality they have experienced before. And I am one of her biggest fans. She is a master in Telepathic writing. www.worldwithoutfear.com

A Note About the Transmission from George from Adi


For me, the experience of receiving a communication from the deceased is akin to connecting to the soul essence of the individual. They may hold some characteristics of their personalities in life and also a more expansive perspective as they are no longer bound by the limitations of this dimension. They may use some of the language of their human world, but at the same time be more free from judgment and fear. What is shared is a snapshot of an actively integrating view through their eyes.


I knew almost nothing of George prior to receiving this transmission (my preference) and was quite surprised by his strongly Christian frame of reference. He does communicate through this spiritual filter and at the same time he questions what it means to be Christian. He speaks honestly and simply about his connection to Christ. 


I also did not know about George's troubled life, but I have found that, since learning more about him, his references to thieves, forgiveness and being an ordinary man make more sense. He did not set out to be a hero, that is very clear. 


I am humbled by the process of serving as a literary conduit to the essence of George, and mean only to respect his highest nature. If this kind of communication is new to you, please simply feel him as you listen or read. These are his words, not mine and I believe there is a heart-opening to be found within them for us all

I was a man

of God


Please don’t assume

you know

what this meant to me

I don’t want any mistake

any more misunderstanding

than what already lives

in my name


I was

a man of God

in so many ways

and if you want to understand me

you have to begin here

you have to know me

through this way

of saying my name


To me

God wasn’t some faraway face

he was as real to me

as the brother living next door

in fact he was

the man next door

the ordinary man

just like me

And by ordinary

I don’t mean boring

I don’t mean plain

I mean a man who lived

who suffered

who knew the taste of pain


This was my God

It was why Christ

meant so much to me

because he was the Son

he was the one who lived it

and made it glorious

because there is no other way

no other way

to say His name


You see

I was an ordinary man

in all of the same ways

simple in my heart

maybe some extra moving parts 

but ultimately 

clear like the brown eyes

of a lost dog

knowing one thing

that something had to be done

that was not being done

so it sat in me

and I asked God about it

I prayed

and I prayed


Because there is 

the kind of suffering

that is a part of

the legs of life

It’s just what life stands on

If you are born

you are gonna die

If you eat

you are gonna be hungry sometimes

If you are gonna fall in love

with a beautiful face

you had better be ready

to cry


But then there is the suffering

that happens when

it seems as if there isn’t a chance

to climb out of the dark 

to build something

to make something bigger 

than yourself

because every time you try

someone comes along

to knock down 

what you just put up

over and over again

And it isn’t just you

it’s your mother

your brother

your kid

it’s the ordinary guy next door

until it seems

as if most folks you know

are more down than up

and when you look around

at how to help

you think

well the first thing I need to do

is stand up myself

get right up there to where

I’m tall again

but it isn’t easy man

it tears your thoughts apart sometimes

and those are the days

you just wish you had an answer

to a better way

Now I may have lived

a bit of crazy in my time

but there were a few things

I did know

I knew you start with God

because if you don’t have Him

you don’t have much

And then

you start with the kids

Every kid needs not just a mother 

but a father

every kid

my kids too

need to know

that no matter what they have done

they are going to be loved

they are loved

and my God knows

I do


And if you have an eye on those kids

then you just don’t forget that

you say 

here is the most perfect little baby

and I want a world

we all want a world

where that baby grows up

safe and loved

in the presence

of a higher power


No bullets

around that baby’s head

No hunger 

in that baby’s belly

No words of hatred

not for any brother

because the baby is going to hear

those words

feel that hate


And no hands

raised in the air 

no hands lifted up to strike

no hands lifted up

because the man in front of you

has a weapon

no hands using the power

that is in them

for anything other

than the good things in life

to lift that baby up

to reach for God

to ask Him to bless you

in prayer

Now the truth is

ordinary men

do foolish things

they forget

how to do the right thing

they lose themselves

they hurt people they love

but you see

this is why it takes an ordinary man

to show us how it’s done

a man who isn’t afraid to say

I am lost 

where is love

where is my mother

why have you abandoned me Lord?


Because He could not have known

what it would feel like

to die in that way

He said he was ready

to do anything

whatever it takes

for the Kingdom of Heaven 

but He could not have been ready

for what happened to Him

that day


You see

He might have been the Son of God

but He was an ordinary man

with the thieves on their crosses

just an ordinary man

in that way


So He knew what it was like

to be broken

He knew His own mistakes

He even knew they were more important

than it seemed

because a man who accepts 

his own truth

even if he doesn’t dare to tell it

is that much more ready

to love his brother 

in the middle of any kind of mess

You don’t get to Heaven

without first 

giving Hell 

a stop by 


And I’m telling you this story

for a good reason

and that is

if it’s more important

to know Jesus

than to be a good Christian

then it’s more important to be real

with yourself

than to be a hero


Christ don’t want no heroes

he wanted us to forgive

all the ordinary men

I knew there would come a time

when I saw things differently

when I would look out my window

and the world would be changed

but now

from where I stand

on the legs of the life

I lived

what I see 

looking at what began

the day I died

all this terrible mess

it looks so right

and so very wrong


It’s the night we knew would come

but where y’all going

you want to lift up 

your lights

you can’t carry them low

you’ve got to elevate them

raise them up

be bigger

be taller

fill up that night

with your lights brothers

because I don’t want the weight

of a single broken soul on my back

not one death

not one tear

I don’t want them

to be mine


I’ve done enough

now the rest

is yours

We may say

In Jesus’s name

but not this one

Not in my name

and I am a much more ordinary man

than He


The suffering

is enough now

what we need

what I dream of

is understanding

the most simple things


If you pick up a weapon

you’re going to get hurt

If you hurt someone else

with your hands

with being a fool

you are going against

the God in you

and you’re the one 

who’s going to get hurt


So the ones who lean

so heavily on me

the ones who made sure

I couldn’t get up

they are the ones

I died for

as much as anyone else

and my God may be the only one

who heard me

when I said

they know not

what they do


Don’t you see?

Don’t you see that it makes

so much more sense

to build something up

than to burn something down?

Don’t you see

the fire within you

is enough?

I never believed the words

of my oppressor

because they were his lies

and they can’t hold a candle

to my truth

So don’t you believe them either

you tell your own story

don’t give the Devil

that chance


Sometimes it isn’t the very moment

of a mess that makes us

or breaks us

it’s the day after

and the day after that

and I have my way home now

I see the purpose of my days


But I beg you

down on my knee

have reverence

reverence for all things

Don’t be pretending

that your anger

is all its gonna to take

to fix things

That’s the easy part

and anything worth doing

ain’t easy

that is the truth of my story



but fight with your wits

your heart

your smarts

Make it better for that baby

who just wants 

to be lifted up


You know

that when you looked at me

at my helplessness

you saw yourself

laying there

You saw every cruel eye

that ever brought you to the ground

every thief

pinned too

and hung to die


And so most of you saw red

when you could have seen God

but it’s okay

I haven’t stopped growing

I’m taller now

than I ever was alive

and I’m waiting around

to see what you hear

when you really listen

Not just shout

but listen for awhile

You might even hear

my name


I always knew

a church was every place

you decide to pray

so I’m asking you now

build those kinds of churches

every day

The churches of your minds

your great big hearts

and when you walk

decide where you are going

because wherever you go

an ordinary man is going 

to meet you there


And He’ll be saying

just kick off your shoes and kneel

not to end a life

not with any other reason

than to find your own answers

to the suffering 

in your own soul


He was an ordinary man

they say

but just look at the life

his death began


I wouldn’t have it

any other way

© AdiKanda

created by@Spontaneousmovement 2020 and The Telepathic Writing Salon*