Christel Janssen

I am a Telepath, Poet, Writer and Podcaster. I love the process of Telepathic Writing: to create brilliance out of nothing, to be truly original, and experiment with Energy. I am the founder of Spontaneous Movement and The Telepathic Writing Salon: A place to allow a much bigger reality to speak. I am host of the Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast and the author of Forty-Nine Days, a Sensuous Journey in the modern Afterlife. 



The Telepathic Writing Salon Podcast  Launch

May 12th 2020!!



Why? The future of communication is telepathy.

When you understand how telepathic we actually are and how to use it, the world and life make much more sense. Understanding the many wavelengths there are, how to open your senses, and choosing to go out of your own way is the key to experiencing freedom.


What are you broadcasting, what are you receiving and how does that shape your life?


Who is this for? Grounded curious open-minded people ready to explore new  thinking and creative potential. Newbies and seasoned telepaths welcome! No writing experience necessary. English and Dutch.

Upcoming Events
30 Minuten Writing Retreat 7 am en pm. Maandag-Vrijdag
Dagelijks in het Nederlands 7-7.30
location on Zoom
On Zoom met Christel Janssen. Schrijf twee keer per dag, een half uur op zoom in een kleine intieme groep 7 uur in de ochtend en 19 uur s avonds, Nederlandse tijd.
Every week: 5-Days Morning and evening 30 Minute Writing Retreat
English 7.30 am and pm HST
location on Zoom
On Zoom with Christel Janssen. Write twice a day, just for an hour a day (2x 30 mins) on Zoom 7.30 at night in English. Hawaii time and European time.
Share in its largest form occurs 

Exactly when we feel unsafe

If we are feeling safe it is not trust

If we are prepared to confront what is dangerous, 

what is unknown, 

what may have felt unsafe for years, 

for lifetimes 

this is genuine trust

And it is far from passive

It is the part of us that says:

YES!, to movement, to engagement, to accessing all that is deep and dark and dirty and ugly and rich and fluid, and gorgeous and opulent all at the same time...

created by@Spontaneousmovement 2020 and The Telepathic Writing Salon*