#006 Imagine: Handwritten letters appearing on your laptop and it appears to be the afterlife speaking? The future of technology is telepathy Mark Zuckerberg says. In this episode, Christel explores the question: what to do when facing death, when facing losing a loved one? 
She introduces the concept of 'Delog,' which means 'returned from death' in Tibetan. Delogs are (usually) women who die for a few days, to roam around in the afterlife to then return to their body absolutely fine. 
In 2005 Christel encountered a 'modern delog' who gave reports from the other side through her laptop screen. This forever changed her perspective on death, dying, illness, and life. 

Be warned!  This episode will stretch your mind and will definitely require a paradigm change but also might reveal what will be available to all of us in the near future. 

music credits Allan Thomas and others


Check out her book: Forty-Nine Days a Sensuous Journey in the Modern Afterlife

created by@Spontaneousmovement 2020 and The Telepathic Writing Salon*