Telepathic Writing Retreat

April 14-20 South Africa Table Mountain

September 9-13 Kauai

With Christel Janssen 

Ready to BREAK Reality and allow A whole New YOU?
  • EXPERIENCE A luxurious life in flow, connect deeply to ALL OF YOU, through the supporting energies of nature, and let your writing become effortlessly  

  • EXPERIENCE yourself outside linear time, and write from unexpected but very REAL parts of you

  • WRITE from beyond space and time, cry, laugh, and feel uplifted from the truth of it

  • DEVELOP YOUR SENSES in a whole new way, wrap yourself in beauty, break out of your old self, and choose a whole new YOU

  • MEET the poet, the artist, the wise one, your future self, your laughter, your passion and many more! 

  • RELEASE all doubts, blame and limitations and embrace your Telepathic Abilities!  

  • LOVE being intimate with yourself, as a foundation to be truly intimate with others.






“ A million times better than therapy!"

"This is brilliant! I feel like going home with 100% of me, instead of the 20% I came with."

"I Had no idea I could write, I am amazed by the ease with which the energy flows. I loooove this state of flow”

“After I came back home my life completely changed! I am thrilled about the answers I get through the writing”

“I absolutely Loved the weekend, it was so nourishing on so many levels."

created by@Spontaneousmovement 2020 and The Telepathic Writing Salon*