Why I went to a Spoon-bending event, what I learned and how to apply it in your daily Life.

It has happened a few times now. I am paddleboarding on the ocean in the middle of the bay, the sun is glistening like golden crystals on the teal blue surface, I am loving the blue liquid underneath me, and from one moment to another the paddle in my hand becomes soft like jello, I can squeeze it, bend it, even extend it, the next moment when I start thinking about it, it is normal and hard again. It always happens in this state of ‘in between’. In between thoughts, in between moments, in between feelings. Or maybe from a deep state of being one with the clear blue ocean. I am never able to do it again right after. And always, the next thing that pops in my mind is: Nobody will believe me, when I tell them! There is never a trace left. It always seems like the paddle pops right back into its original shape. Hard as ever.

Just like I have so many things happen in my life that are coming from this state of ‘Being liquid’. Like the communications on my laptop from my lover in a coma, like I describe in my book ‘Forty-Nine Days’ . When almost liquid letters appeared on my computer, as if the ink was still dripping, and he was communicating to me where he was, how his body was doing, and I could communicate back. But I kept on thinking:‘nobody will believe me’. SoI decided to attend a spoonbending event and take my partner and daughter with me. (They both appeared to be much better then me) It really was an event about healing, and the way matter follows consciousness, about the way we block ourselves with our disbelief, and about resonance. How ultimately matter follows consciousness, and not the other way around.

Spoonbending was a delight since the one thing that people want when you tell a story like mine, is: proof. The proof that apparently something unbendable can be easily reshaped. We were with about sixteen people. Each one of us got 8 forks. (“It is not spoon bending mama, it is fork bending” my daughter remarked). And we used 8 different techniques. Each time we started with a ‘pretest’ which is testing if the forks were real hard unbendable forks, impossible to bend with your hands, which was the case. The first techniques were ‘Qi based,’ using earth and cosmic energies. The next techniques were about using resonance, using consciousness and allowing and synchronicity. And… it worked! With the first two techniques nothing happened with my fork, while 4 people of the group were already bending their forks like rubber.

Then we had to ‘borrow’ another person’s bend fork and let our own fork resonate with it. So the information of the one bend fork transmitted into the other, which made it much easier to bend. You positioned them next to eachother and commanded: ‘Connect’. And to my surprise when I picked up my straight fork it became really hot and I was able to bend it easily!

The principles to bend a fork can be applied to anything. To your dreams and visions, to a problem, relationships, to anything ‘hard’ in your life.

Never underestimate the power of ‘being in between’ This state of not wanting to control things but being in a state of ‘presence’, unattached to outcome, or unattached to how you know things to be, yet still holding on to the certainty that the spoon will bend. In this case you had to say inwardly or out loud: “Bend, bend, bend,” to then the next moment let it all go.

See the vibration as a movement, focus on that movement and let it speed up This was an interesting thing that I recognize in Qi Gong and acupuncunture. Energy never moves in a straight line from a to b, always in a spiral movement, a wave, a spin, or some complicated form. To ask yourself ‘what direction and in what shape does the energy spin to get the desired outcome, in this case a bend fork?’ and then see it in your minds eye, and let it speed up until maximum speed. For example the shape of a ellipse, or an infinity symbol, or a very complicated shape and see it moves and demand it to speed up. Then let it go and let it do its job. The more playful you are able to do this the better it works. When I asked my fork what the movement was to actually bend it, I saw a mobius stripe, when I let it speed up, the fork in my hand became soft as butter. It was like I was raising above the vibration of it not being possible.

Take away the detrimental energies, or the disbelief. Or ask: ‘what energy or shape do I see when I focus on what is holding me back to bend this fork?’ And once you ‘see the shape’ let is spin in the opposite direction. So its energy unwinds itselve. This is an amazing tool to work with anything where you feel stuck. Just play with it and see for yourself.

Let the Allowing fase do its work There is always time needed for the allowing fase. This can be instantly, or it can take a minute, an hour, or a decade. Key is to totally let go of the outcome. Life is only as hard as you believe it to be. This applies to anything. If you have a ‘problem’ and you tell yourself it is hard. It will become hard and impenetrable. A few women in the group were not able to bend any forks. The more we proceeded the harder they seemed to try. Later I heard that the same forks suddenly all started bending a few hours later when one of the women got back home.

You only have to ask for it once To actually invite your fork to bend you don’t have to ‘keep on asking it’. Only ask it once and that is enough. In fact when you keep on asking, it has the opposite effect. Unconsciously fear or disbelief creeps in and will prevent it from happening. How many times have you been begging for something to happen, only to find out that it never came into being? Shen, my Qi Gong teacher would often make a gesture above my head as if he was cutting wires. “Let go of all those requests, they interfere with each other,” he would say. He would often emphasize, to ask only once, just in time and just enough.

Things are what they are, because we believe them to be Because we have all agreed that the matter of the metal of a spoon is hard and unbendable, it is. Because we believe a paddle is hard and unbendable, that is what it appears to be. In Qi gong you always push beyond the wall, through the ceiling, past the mountain. You do not take the barrier ‘serious’, or when you play with ‘your enemy’ he will become soft as butter.

The beauty of resonance To create a connection to a fork that is already bend will give it permission to bend aswell. This is one big reason to connect to ‘your hero’s’ or connect to a ‘healthy information field’, or just be aware of vibration and resonance, because that is what will happen. Are you in a depressing job? That is probably what you are resonating with and that will make you stay there.

In my telepathy classes I always let the group connect to the field of resonance with intuition and telepathy: I am always amazed by the ease in which first time students are able to perceive very accurate information over a distance, just because they resonate with the possibility of telepathy. So always ask yourself: What am I resonating with? Is it uplifting, enriching, nourishing, and challenging you in a good way? Great! If not: change what you are connecting yourself to.

It is just as simple as that! And it applies to anything! Ohh, and I guess I have to give up the concept that nobody will believe me!

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