Energy Maturity 2.0 with Christel

Flow, Time, Money and your Energy a 6 week course

  • Started Oct 11
  • 225 US dollars
  • zoom

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Your new relationship with Energy. Are you ready to see where your energy really wants to be? To feel truly fulfilled? Are you ready to experience Flow in every aspect of your life? And develop a new relationship with Time? Take complete responsibility for everything that appears in your life. Energy Maturity is based on absolute trust in yourself and with that an absolute trust in your body. To have this absolute trust will make that Energy serves you instead of work against you. You will feel empowered not drained, in abundance not in lack. In your body instead of in your head. This is the 16th Energy Maturity 6 weekly gatherings on Zoom start Monday Oktober 11, 12 PM Hawaii time, 3 PST, 6 EST in English Dutch 20.30 dutch time weekly a short audio file, access to a whole library of Energy Maturity Sessions Individual 30 min session with Christel Total costs: $225 In this Energy Maturity Experience you learn to really listen to your body and your being and release any programming and overlays that are not honoring the absolute trust in you and your very unique perception in life. You will start to understand the ways you accepted energy abuse in your life, even if you were not aware of it, and now how to end it. So instead of accepting information from outside that tells you what is good for you and what not, or how to live, or what diet you should follow, or exercise to do, it is about completely honoring your body's wisdom and allowing 'healthy information transmission.' where there is no space for fear, or lack of trust. It is about not giving any outside authority the power over you, unless you choose to.

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